Feminine Energy Awakening

Moon Mother®s UK

The Worldwide Womb Blessing® is a global energy transmission, held five times a year on the full moon. Since February 2012 it has been available to all women, and in May 2016 'The Gift' was made available, to men and non-binary folk, to enjoy the transformative nature of Sacred Feminine energy and love. The gentle, but powerful, attunement re-awakens women's connection to the Divine Feminine at the Womb Centre. It is life-changing and deeply healing.  


This free distant transfer of Womb Blessing® energy is accessed by registering with Miranda Gray on the main international Womb Blessing® website, choosing your preferred time to receive and taking part in a specific meditation practice. In the Worldwide Womb Blessing women connect together energetically across the world as a group, bringing beautiful healing and awakening to the common patterns shared amongst the group. The Worldwide Womb Blessing also spreads the Womb Blessing energy around the world, with every woman taking part sharing the energy, and grounding its vibration into the Earth.


The Personal and Worldwide Womb Blessings work in different ways and both are an important part of the path towards healing and awakening our femininity.  A Personal Womb Blessing is very much connected to a woman's  personal path. During a Worldwide Womb Blessing you become part of something much bigger than yourself, raising you beyond what you could express on your own. In the Worldwide Womb Blessing women connect together in the same harmonic of transformation which brings beautiful healing and awakening to the patterns shared amongst the group.  Each woman taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing gives as well as receives the energy, and the more women who take part in each Blessing the more energy, healing and awakening is available to all women around the world.


Each of the five Worldwide Womb Blessings has an additional meditation to connect with the archetypal phase or energy of the season.  Below are the additional meditations aligned for the Northern Hemiphere:



February - Womb Renewal Meditation


May - Accepting our Sexuality Meditation


August - Abundance Meditation


October - Healing the Mother Ancestors Meditation


December - The Circle of Sisters Meditation



It is wonderful to meet up with other women and men for the Worldwide Womb Blessing.  Many Moon Mothers host such gatherings, but you can also hold a group for friends and family.  


Men and non-binary folk in their masculine can now register to receive The Gift and take part at the same time as the Worldwide Womb Blessing.



You can find out more about the  Worldwide Womb Blessing at www.wombblessing.com


Women and those more aligned to the feminine can register for the next one here 


Men and those feeling more in the masculine can register to receive The Gift here



To take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing on the day, you will need:


To have registered for free your chosen time by closing time the day before


To have a copy of the meditations sent to you upon registration


A small bowl of water that will be your Living Waters of the Womb Grail


A small bowl with a tea light candle that will be your Light of the Blessing


A shawl or scarf for your shoulders


Somewhere peaceful and comfortable to sit for half an hour or so




Check out the calendar for details of Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles near you:










Worldwide Womb Blessing®