Feminine Energy Awakening

Moon Mother®s UK

The Female Energy Awakening System offers three personal experiences, a blessing and two healing treatments for women.   For all three a women remains fully clothed.



Womb Blessing Attunement - Female Energy Awakening

This powerful attunement energises, awakens and nourishes the female energy system.  To bless is to make the mundane sacred.  This blessing honours and awakens the sacred centre of the female energy system.  It helps women, with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle, to grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment. It raises the vibration, awakens blocked or dormant aspects of their four female archetypes, and helps women to embody their authentic femininity, gradually healing and balancing patterns within their cyclic nature.


Each attunement builds on the previous awakenings, creating a journey of self-realisation, personal growth and spiritual development, opening women more deeply to the Divine Feminine.


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Womb Healing - Female Energy Balancing

The Womb Healing is  a more supportive and gentler experience, used to heal and balance aspects of femininity and connect a woman to her feminine archetypes.  This balancing hands-on healing works specifically to heal and harmonise the three main female energy centres and the four female archetypes.  It is a good way to prepare for the Blessing itself or to help with the integration afterwards. If a woman is going through a major crisis in life then it is most often better to begin with a few sessions of Womb Healing.   This healing is also used in conjunction with Menstrual Mentoring.


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Female Soul Patterning Healing

This deeply healing and restorative treatment works with the three female energy centres, clearing and releasing unneeded patterns held there and balancing the four female archetypes within each centre.  


The centres when balanced all come together to hold the pattern of the original, free form of femininity and life purpose for each individual woman. The Cauldron is the centre of everyday expression and physical life,  the Chalice, reflects relationships and heart connections, and the Star, is the centre of enlightenment and Universal connection.This healing is for women who wish to shift up a gear, create a strong connection to the Sacred Feminine within and take their life forward in a direction that is aligned with their truth and their joy.


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Rites of Passage

The Womb Blessing and Womb Healing can be used to honour or celebrate menarche and menopause, birth and death, marriage and divorce. It can help support and reinstate the sacredness of femininity to those who have suffered the trauma of rape or abuse, help those in grief perhaps through miscarriage, baby loss or abortion, to reconnect those who experience hormonal problems or who have had a hysterectomy to the energetic womb or to support times of change such as moving house or new job when the balanced centre becomes a little wobbly. The soul of woman resides in the womb centre and for so many it needs to come home.  It is not suitable for girls who have not had their first bleeding time, but a wonderful way to treat and honour all other women whether they have a physical womb or not, or a menstrual cycle or not.





Womb Blessing, Womb Healing and Female Soul Patterning Healing